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About Us

Olcay & Olcay was founded in 1986 by Ömer and Bekir Olcay who are the sons of Cevdet Olcay who was an important name in Islamic Ceramic Art and Ottoman art works.

After completing their university education, the brothers completely devoted themselves in antiques. Taking advantage of the 80`s which enabled Turkey to have close ties with other countries, they brought unique art works from abroad.

English, French, Austrian furnitures and accessories, bronze and crystal chandeliers, bronze clocks, Ottoman calligraphies, ceramics, paintings, silver pieces and glass works combined the wide collection of Olcay & Olcay. The endless curiosity for research and the passion of finding unique art works enabled Olcay & Olcay to be a well-known brand in antique. Olcay & Olcay moved to Caddebostan, Cemil Topuzlu Street in 2002. Since May 2004, Olcay & Olcay Art Gallery is a distinguished place for art lovers.