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Ilyas Ergin Inan

Ilyas Ergin Inan, is a renowned painter from Turkey. He was born in Malatya in 1943 and completed his primary and secondary education in his hometown. He then enrolled in the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, and graduated in 1968. During the same period, he participated in the assistant exam of his department and started working as an assistant to Helmut Hungerberg after winning the exam. In 1969, he attended the Salzburg Summer Academy and worked with Prof. Emilio Vedova. In 1971, he received an academic exchange scholarship to Germany and conducted research in France and Italy between 1972 and 1973. In 1975, he became a faculty member at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts and continued his work at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University, seven years later. In 1985, he earned the title of professor and continued his academic career at Yeditepe University. In 2010, he won the Presidential Culture and Art Grand Award in the painting category.

Ilyas Ergin Inan has also participated in various international exhibitions and received awards. Among these awards are the Third Prize at the 1993 International Osaka Painting Triennial in Japan, the First Prize at the 1988 International 2nd Asia-Europe Bien in Ankara, the "Artist of the Year" award from the Ankara Art Institution in 1987, the Sedat Simavi Foundation Plastic Arts Award in 1984, the Grand Prize at the 1983 International 6th Cleveland Bien in England, the Miniature Print Biennial Award in 1982 in Seoul, South Korea, the Honorary Award at the 1982 International Norway Print Biennial in Fredrikstad, the Fourth Prize at the 1981 International 5th Cleveland Biennial in England, the Graphic Award at the 1980 DRHS Exhibition in Istanbul, the Medal at the 1980 International Graphic Biennial in Frechen, Germany, the "Original Print" First Prize at the 1977 Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts, the "Young Graphic Artist of the Year" award in 1977, and the 36th State Painting Prize in 1975, among others.

Ilyas Ergin Inan has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. His works can be found in various museums and private collections in Turkey and abroad.


1993: Third Prize at the International Osaka Art Triennial, Japan
1988: First Prize at the International 2nd Asia-Europe Biennial, Ankara
1987: "Artist of the Year" award from the Ankara Art Institute
1984: Sedat Simavi Foundation Plastic Arts Award
1983: Fourth Prize at the International 6th Cleveland Biennial, England
1982: Award at the International Miniatures Print Biennial, Seoul, South Korea
1982: Honor Award at the International Norway Print Biennial, Fredrikstad
1981: Fourth Prize at the International 5th Cleveland Biennial, England
1980: Graphic Award at the DRHS Exhibition, Istanbul
1980: Medal at the International Graphic Biennial, Frechen, Germany
1977: First Prize for Original Prints at the Istanbul Fine Arts Academy
1977: "Young Graphic Artist of the Year" award
1975: 36th State Painting Award
1974: 35th State Painting Award

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022: Galeri Eart, Istanbul
2021: Olcayart, Istanbul
2007: "Contemporary Istanbul", Maçka Mezat, Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Palace, Istanbul
2001: Galeri Nev, Ankara
1994: Galeri PG, Istanbul
2004: Garage of Art, Istanbul
1994: Galeri Lebriz, Istanbul
1994: Galeri Nev, Istanbul
1993: French Culture Center, Ankara
1993: Galeri Nev, Ankara
1993: Galeri Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
1993: Etibank Art Gallery, Istanbul
1992: Galerie Klein, Ingelheim, Germany
1992: Aktuel Art Art Gallery, Istanbul
1990: Vakko Art Gallery, Izmir
1990: Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1990: Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul
1990: Galeri St. Lukas, Brussels
1989: Galeri Nev, Ankara
1989: Galerie am Werk, Leverkusen
1988: Galeri Nev, Istanbul
1988: Galeri Marina Dinkler, Berlin
1988: Vakko Art Gallery, Izmir
1987: Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul
1987: Academy of Arts, Berlin
1986: Galeri Vakko, Ankara
1986: Galeri Won, Seoul
1985: Galeri Oberlicht, Berlin
1984: Staatliche Kunsthalle, Berlin
1981: Vakko Art Gallery, Izmir
1980: Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1979: Galeri November, Berlin
1978: Bedri Rahmi Art Gallery, Istanbul
1978: Galeri Artisan, Ankara
1975: School of Applied Fine Arts, Istanbul
1968: Turkish-German Cultural Center, Istanbul